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Exposures.co is about our (Patty and Dick Simon) travels and Exposures. We are seeking to be exposed to other countries, cultures, people and perspectives, exposing others (those we interact with on the ground ‘eyeball-to eyeball’ as a dear friend says) AND we expose others to our experiences and learnings through the words and images on this blog. There is also a photographic metaphor – in order to achieve the ‘right’ exposure (which is in itself a subjective decision and choice) you balance speed (shutter) and depth (of field via f-stop – how ‘open’ you are) often trading off breadth as you determine what to focus on.

The url is .CO, as in COexist, COoperate and COllaborate, (rather than .com .org or .net).

We hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas and comments!

Patty and Dick Simon

One thought on “Welcome to Exposures.co

  1. I just looked at the blog/website. It was wonderfully done and Dick is a great photographer. I assume he’s an amateur. The narrative is great too. I really enjoyed it all and want to start my own. I’m going to Rwanda/Uganda in July, 2015 and hope to see as much as you did.

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