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Bird Poop/Mustard Scammed in Buenos Aires -Argentina
The WiresDelhi, India
The Women’s CarDelhi, India
The Golden RuleDelhi, India
The Cure for Grey HairHaridwar, India
Pondering BeggarsHaridwar, India
The BedHaridwar, India
Ancestry Papers – Ashes & Bones – Eunuch BlessingsHaridwar, India
What is a God/Goddess in India?Haridwar, India
Color, Color EverywhereHaridwar, India
BitesizeHaridwar, India
Sweeping to Where?Haridwar, India
The Little Boy in the Yellow ShirtPushkar, India
The Black and White StripePushkar, India
Fancy Versus RealPushkar, India
The Camel In All Its GloryPushkar, India
The Naked Man DanceBumtang, Bhutan
Tidbits from Bhutan – Bhutan

Leaving Home – Boston to Rwanda
The Beginning of our 150 Year Celebration of Life
Learning about the Genocide – Rwanda
Kamembe – Nyungwe Lodge – Rwanda
Finding The Monkeys – Rwanda
Gorillas – Rwanda
Leaving Rwanda – well, almost – Rwanda
The Pygmies – The Tua – Rwanda
South Africa – SowetoSouth Africa
South Africa – Kruger – South Africa
Capetown – South Africa
India Arrival and First Impressions – India
Varanasi – City of Death – India
Another Kind Of Journey – India
Kumbh Mela – The Event – India
The Kumbh and Love – India
The People of the Kumbh – India
The Morning On The Water – Sri Lanka
War Zone Day – Sri Lanka
Islands Day in Jaffna – Sri Lanka
Cosmic Kindness – Sri Lanka
Protocol – Sri Landa
Foreign Exchange – Sri Lanka
Underdressed – Sri Lanka
An Artificial Utopia – India
Belief – India
“Sun” Day – India
Fortune Teller – India
Make My Day – India
The Invisible Truth – India
No One Will Be Jealous – India
The Little Acrobat – India
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