Color, Color Everywhere

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Text by Patty Simon

Haridwar, India

“Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink” – does hold true for for me on the Ganges River, but…
“Color, color everywhere but not a drop to paint” is what I want to write about now.
I keep broadly thinking about the top ten unique aspects of this incredible country, for me, as an artist, the top is color!
Bright colors adorn every woman and every shrine in this country. Add bangles and beads and brocades and gold leaf and jewels and you get the picture. There is not one dull color in all the country. Color has no price tag and transcends all social classes. It is one big celebration and unifier.
I asked what the underlying meaning was for all the bright yellows, neon oranges, shocking pinks, rich blues and lime greens.
Happiness… Celebration… Vibrant energy!
New York City and Boston, are you listening?

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