The Cure for Grey Hair

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Text by Patty Simon

Haridwar, India

At home in Boston, I distinguish myself apart from most of my friends because of my grey hair. I have been called my daughters grandmother several times and one my husbands mother (Dick, my husband, is my age with no grey hair!). In a culture where most women dye their hair, I stand out. I stand out also in India surrounded by all the beautiful women with their coal black hair.
On this trip, I began noticing many older people with grey hair… partially grey because they use red henna  to “dye” their hair. Why that particular color? Are they trying to go punk? Is it a fashion trend? Is it a sacred marker?
I got many answers. One person said it caused a cooling effect (useful in hot unairconditioned summers). One said it was simply fashion.
I guess we are all the same in the end!

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