The Women’s Car

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Text by Patty Simon

Delhi, India

India is one of those cultures where so much happens on the street. I see everyone mixed up from all walks of life – from the rich and poor, young and old, secular and religious, laborer and educated, to the tiny shop owner and corporate executive. They all live together and fuel this enormous machine of a country.
So in the Metro, it was a surprise when our guide suggested I segregate myself and join women in the first car of the train designated as “The Women’s Car”. I almost blew him off. I thought to myself it can’t be that interesting!
But it was! Imagine being thrown into an instant sisterhood – a sorority of sorts. I told Dick it was like going to a fashion show. I was certainly the most underdressed. I literally could feel the “beauty”, the feminine energy and a subtle air of self-confidence all around me. Lots of shocking pink, ruby red and pungent orange in patterns and paisleys mixed with brocades and jewels in rainbow colors filled the train. Of course there were jeans, sandals and high heels with handbags and nose rings and lots of bracelets… Indian fashion mixed with American fashion but probably all made in China!
Magical moments happen when you least expect them. I exited the train with a big smile on my face. I may have been a foreigner in this country but I was one of THEM for fifteen minutes!

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