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Bird Poop / Mustard Scammed in Buenos Aires

Text by Dick Simon

Arrived in Buenos Aires at 4am to spend the next 10 days with Katie Simon and her boyfriend Michael Garate. After a nap, emerged and within 5 minutes on the streets of BA, we were being ‘helped’ by two people who ‘discovered’ that we had all been covered in a foul smelling bird poop from the trees above. They started to help us ‘clean up’ with some napkins, which they just happened to have with them. Michael, vigilant and also having read about this scam, immediately said thanks but we need to go back to our room to change. The perpetrators were a couple of thieves (ladrones) and silk tongue sweet talkers (chamuyeros) looking for opportunities to take advantage of the unsuspecting traveler, tourist or local alike.-They spray a foul smelling mustard vinegar liquid on unsuspecting victims, then pick pockets. THANKS MICHAEL for your vigilance, as we escaped smelly and dirty, but otherwise unscathed.

The only time I was successfully pick pocketed was on the Paris Metro Champs-Elysées. Guess I better stick with safer places to travel to like Iran, North Korea and Cuba!

Listed on the Official Buenos Aires tourism site – http://landingpadba.com/buenos-aires-tourist-scams-and-crime/

Buenos Aires tips to avoid scams, fake money, the bird poop scam and the dangerous areas in the city.